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APRIL 12TH-14TH, 2018

Official Selection

Narrative Shorts

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Experimental Shorts

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Documentary Shorts

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Yale Filmmaker's Block 

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Best Narrative Short: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Experimental Short: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

Best Documentary Short: The Wall Within (Dir. Juan Manuel Ramírez)

Best Director: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Cinematography: Liberation (Dir. Veronica Andersson)

Best Editing: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Soundtrack: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Animation: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

The 2018 Lineup


Dir. Ankita Panda Nine connects the mathematical loops derived from the number 9 to the endless cycles that we go through in life and after life. We are all ‘strange loops’ part of larger ‘strange loops,’ and these infinite series of loops have been proven mathematically through the number 9. In the spirit of Hoftstader’s magnum opus, Godel, Escher, Bach. Director Ankita Panda is an MFA candidate at USC.