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APRIL 12TH-14TH, 2018

Official Selection

Narrative Shorts

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Experimental Shorts

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Documentary Shorts

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Yale Filmmaker's Block 

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Best Narrative Short: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Experimental Short: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

Best Documentary Short: The Wall Within (Dir. Juan Manuel Ramírez)

Best Director: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Cinematography: Liberation (Dir. Veronica Andersson)

Best Editing: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Soundtrack: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Animation: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

The 2018 Lineup

At the End of the Day

Dir. Pedro Miguel Goncalvez A portrait of a homoparental family: Marta and Mariana are married and live with their two young children, Matias and Maria Mar, and Madiba, a Dalmatian. At the End of the Day explores the importance of small gestures in a family’s intimate spaces. Pedro Miguel Gonçalves is a documentary filmmaker from Almada, Portugal. After completing a two-year technical course at ETIC in Lisbon, he is pursuing a degree at the Lisbon School of Film and Theatre.