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APRIL 12TH-14TH, 2018

Official Selection

Narrative Shorts

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Experimental Shorts

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Documentary Shorts

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Yale Filmmaker's Block 

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Best Narrative Short: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Experimental Short: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

Best Documentary Short: The Wall Within (Dir. Juan Manuel Ramírez)

Best Director: Old Salt Prigent (Dir. Georges Hauchard-Heutte)

Best Cinematography: Liberation (Dir. Veronica Andersson)

Best Editing: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Soundtrack: Pan (Dir. Anna Roller)

Best Animation: Travelogue Tel Aviv (Dir. Samuel Patthey)

The 2018 Lineup


Dir. TJ Noel-Sullivan When Brittany, a single mother struggling to get by, gets an unexpected visit from her estranged brother, Anthony, she is understandably suspicious. Anthony offers her a ride home, and it seems as though they might be able to reconnect. However, when the topic of their disabled father comes up, both siblings must reconcile what they owe to their family. Originally from Hartford, CT, TJ is a Sophomore and Film and Media Studies Major in Saybrook College at Yale University.